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Hair drying solutions

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Scirocco Smooth

The Scirocco Smooth is a beautiful ovate shaped devise that will enhance:

  • your clients experience, by smoothing cuticles and adding shine to their hair
  • your salon business, by reducing laundry time or money on disposable towels and will increase your profits
  • your team by, spending more time on training and customer service and less time with laundry
  • your effort to reduce your carbon footprint.

Is short it does this by taking out excess water from the hair after the shampooing and treatment service.

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Disposable Towels

Our towels are of a high quality standard, and compared with cotton towels, are a more hygienic environmentally friendly product that saves your salon money, it will save you and your staff time spent washing and drying cotton towels and give you more time...

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Case study
Adam Campbell's

Adam Campbell's

Four styling stations, was using cottom towels.

The main reason we bought the Scirocco Smooth was the effect it had on the clients hair. We saw instantly how it smoothed the cuticle and added much more shine.

Our apprentices say the 'love it' it gives us much more learning time in the salon, they said the hair is much easier to comb through afterwards too.

Donna Doherty
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Kinder to the environment
and saves money on the cost of towels

Here at HDS we feel we have a duty to help protect the environment for future generations. We are proud that we sell products which are ecologically mindful whilst still being effective and profitable. We are committed to continuing this ethos as our product lines develop... 

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