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Hair Drying Solutions - HDS

Savings Calculator

If you still use cotton towels in your salon you won't believe how much you could save by making the simple changes of switching to disposable towels and adding a Scirocco Smooth to your backwash area!

Simply enter your average number of clients per week, and we'll show you how much you could save!

Clients per week:

Your current cost of towels per year is £

The cost of HDS disposable towels would be £

By using our disposable towels, you would save £ per year!

By switching to Scirroco Smooth and our disposable towels, you could save even more: £ per year!

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Kinder to the environment
and saves money on the cost of towels

Here at HDS we feel we have a duty to help protect the environment for future generations. We are proud that we sell products which are ecologically mindful whilst still being effective and profitable. We are committed to continuing this ethos as our product lines develop... 

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